The backbone of the interventional marketplace is extruded tubing. Most device companies head directly for the typical standby materials known to everyone. USP VI ratings are always sought after but deliver very little for the end user save a potentially assuring hand on the shoulder so to speak. Every device is unique and the FDA reviews them as such. Simply using base materials that have a USP VI certification does nothing for your final device. The fully built end device is not imparted any agency ratings based on the constituent components nor does the FDA select individual parts.

Compounding Solutions offers help with formulation information, chemical analysis, dispersion review or compounding process improvement efforts. Compounding Solutions stands out above and beyond all other suppliers in complex geometry and thin wall applications as well as translucent or transparent materials. Barium Sulfate, a range of Bismuth combinations, Tungsten, Tantulum and other materials have been used in the past as radiopacifiers which allow the plastic tubing to be viewed under fluoroscopy, which is essentially live video x-ray. Our team is here to make the difference. We work with our customers to solve problems and increase manufacturing yields. If you have a problem material with a high scrap rate along with a large investment in QC time, we will work with you to reach a solution that saves you time and money!


The global footwear market is continuously growing and changing as manufacturers look for the next big innovation to give them an edge over their competitors. Our line of ReZilient™ Thermoplastic Elastomers can give you the edge you are looking for when designing your next shoe or boot. We can develop a formulation based on your desired physical and mechanical properties. Our custom thermoplastic elastomer formulations can be anti-static, slip resistant, or even chemical resistant depending on the intended end application of your shoe or boot. We can custom formulate our ReZilient™ TPE’s to have: Low Temperature Flexibility, Good Compression Set, Over-moldability, Hardness (3A – 70D), Excellent Ozone & UV Resistance, High Heat Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Recyclability, Regulatory Compliance (FDA, ROHS, REACH, USP, NFPA), Superior Abrasion Resistance, Electroconductivity, Thermal Conductivity, Low Density, Colorable, High Tear Strength. Our years of experience, success with elastomers For footwear, and commitment to making high quality products makes us a great choice for your next innovative project.

Consumer Goods

The consumer goods market encompasses a huge range of products, performance needs and cost points to satisfy the very demanding needs of end users. Our custom formulation capabilities allow us to partner with you to customize a material to meet the properties and colors you are looking for while also trying to reduce costs so that savings can be passed on to today’s cost-conscious consumers. Our formulations can be tailored to meet requirements for a wide range of product types, including:

> Consumer Electronics
> Housewares
> Fixtures
> Sporting Goods
> Fitness
> Outdoors
> Apparel
> Footwear

Our on-site materials R&D team will partner with your product development team to develop custom formulations that meet the needs for your product. We offer the lowest minimum order quantities in the industry with as little as 25lbs; perfect for sampling and prototyping!


Soar Above The Competition
The aerospace industry continues to evolve as aircraft get larger, faster, and more technologically advanced. The materials used need to also evolve just as quickly to have the highest possible performance as safety and the growing requirements of the industry morph with technology advances. When you partner with Compounding Solutions, we can help you stay ahead of the curve with custom formulation development for a variety of applications including:

> Hot melt adhesives
> Instrument panels
> Controls
> Electrical Components
> Interior Components

Our on-site materials R&D team will work hand in hand with your engineers to develop custom formulations that meet the desired physical and mechanical properties for your application. Need low-volume quantities for prototyping? We offer the lowest minimum order quantities in the industry with as little as 25lbs!


Compounding Solutions has been very well known within the medical extrusion industry for many years. Thanks to our dedication to new technologies and improving processes we have serviced the ultra-thin catheter marketplace as walls reduce and routinely approach .001”. The same techniques we use to create pellet to pellet consistency to service very thin extrusions are ideal for micro molding applications. A single compounded pellet can produce dozens of parts depending on the size. Ensuring that materials are homogenized and consistent to that level of quality is exactly what the micro molding industry needs to ensure a good final product. Tight control over radiopacifiers, colorants and additives via micro feeders on the compounding line ensures that lot to lot and pellet to pellet your end customer receives the correct formulation.

We check that quality in our QC lab before the material goes anywhere. Ash testing ensures that your radiopacifier is controlled tightly. We can also perform a wide range of ASTM mechanical testing should your team need it for any confirmations or design development. High powered microscopes review dispersion needs relative to the final part ensuring colorants are not agglomerated.

3D Printing

The 21st Century is ushering in new concepts and technologies in rapid fire succession. 3D printing is a technology that has gained acceptance due to the myriad of capabilities and creations it can generate. This has been limited only by the range of materials that can be run within any given platform. Hydroscopic materials (those that absorb moisture) have been largely been avoided due to the moisture creating problems for the printing process.

As the technology continues to evolve our compounded products are now starting to be used in a range of new equipment. Coloring, fillers such as carbon fiber and radiopacifiers as well as specialty additives are all now becoming a reality for the materials used in 3D printed products. A critical aspect to this industry is well homogenized materials and very small particle sizes to transition pinch points in the tooling, nozzles, etc. of each machine.

Medical, aerospace, military, consumer and industrial products can all find advantages in this new technology and Compounding Solutions is the ideal partner for needs in every category. We can help customize the materials you need to make your 3D printing a success!

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology & devices are immediately becoming the new wave of the future, as they look to improve many aspects of our lives. The opportunities for wearable technology are limitless, although in their infancy at the moment. These devices are smart electronic devices that can be worn on the body as an implant or accessory. The technology has been predominantly seen in the markets of health and fitness, however has also made headway into the industrial, military, sporting, gaming and entertainment markets.

> Healthcare & Medical
> Fitness & Wellness
> Industrial
> Military
> Sporting
> Gaming
> Commercial

Wearable technology is expected to continue to become a more impactful part of our everyday lives. As the potential for this technology is harnessed, the societal and cultural landscapes of our world are expected to transform just as Smart Phones, iPods and Tablets have already done. Compounding Solutions is here to help meet the demand for material for these devices. Our Sales, Quality, R&D and Production teams are here to work alongside your team to determine & develop the appropriate material for your application.