How Compounding Solutions LLC is Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Defend Rx antimicrobial masterbatches with BioCote antimicrobial technology have been designed and tested for use in a wide range of medical device applications.

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Custom Colored Compounds with FDA 21CFR73 Subpart D Colorants

We strive to help accelerate and simplify the product development and FDA approval process. We offer custom compounding to achieve a wide range of colors utilizing pigments listed under the FDA 21 CFR 73 Subpart D colorants exempt from certification in medical devices.

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PurTone Rx color concentrates use USP Class VI and/or FDA 21 CFR part 73 subpart D components and are available in low quantities

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Quality Focused

Our quality system is ISO 13485 registered

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Medical Compounding

Compounding Solution’s compounding process is done in our controlled environment production area (White room) which ensures that all our medical grade polymers and compounds will be made with the highest quality and purity in mind. It is designed to minimize exposure to airborne particulates, common contaminates, and moisture.…read more

Custom Compounding

Compounding Solutions offers superior quality custom compounding of a vast range of thermoplastic polymers in a multitude of applications that most people are unaware of them in their everyday life. Let Compounding Solutions partner with your engineers from the beginning of your application to help identify the proper resin, additive, modifier, filler, and colors necessary to formulate a custom compound for your individual needs.…read more

Color Matching and Compounding

Work with our team of color experts today to achieve the desired color for your device! Our team has a lengthy reputation for providing accurate colormatches for a wide range of medic…read more



Company News

Defend Rx
Defend Rx Antimicrobial Masterbatches

Our new Defend Rx Antimicrobial Masterbatches, utilizing the silver based antimicrobial technology of leading antimicrobial provider BioCote®, are engineered to combat negative effects of microbes such as bacteria and mold in medical device and wearable device applications.

2018 Event Schedule

Interested in learning more about us, our capabilities, and partnering with us for all of your medical plastics needs for your next device? Visit us throughout 2018 at many events around the world

FDA medical colors
FDA 21 CFR 73 Subpart D Colors

We have made it easier to select a color for your device that can be made using FDA 21 CFR 73 Subpart D colorants. Check out our new brochure and EZ Med Color Selector.

Purtone Color Concentrates
PurTone Rx Medical Color Concentrates

Our new PurTone Rx color concentrates are available in quantities as low as only 1 pound and are formulated using FDA 21 CFR 73 Subpart D listed colorants.

We're Expanding our Facilities from shipping to production...
We’re Expanding our Facilities

As part of our company’s manufacturing & testing capabilities development and expansion we’ve…

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Join us at MD&M West

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ISO Certifications
CS obtains new ISO Certification

Recently we became ISO 13485 compliant…