White Papers

White Papers

Improvements in Dispersion Quality of Bismuth Subcarbonate and Tungsten in Medical Plastics – Written by Nathan Doyle

"Proper dispersion of fillers helps to ensure that the finished tubing surface is of exceptional quality and is very challenging in medical plastics. How these fillers are produced, dried, prepared, compounded and then extruded in the compounding process c…" …read more

Radiopaque Fillers for Medical Devices: Tradition vs New Technology – Written by Nick Norton

"Radiopaque fillers have long been used in medical devices to provide a view of the device in the body while under x-ray. This visibility allows doctors to maneuver and deploy a wide variety of devices, whether it is a heart valve, a stent, or any other ca…" …read more

Lubricious Materials in Medical Devices – Written by Josh Robertson

"The need for lubricity in medical device technology is nothing new. It has been a need since the early days of the industry in everything from simple guide catheters to complex articulating neural catheters, drug delivery systems and more. The basic need …" …read more

Do White Rooms Matter? – Written by Josh Robertson

"Clean rooms in the medical device marketplace are a requirement for device assembly. The environment provides for the quality control necessary to ensure a safe and clean process in all materials being assembled. Or does it? What if the most basic buildin…" …read more