Customized SBC materials for any and every application!

Compounding Solutions is well known for custom compounds and unique formulations. For a number of years, we observed the materials in the TPE marketplace and listened to our customer’s needs. Starting in 2014 we put into place the infrastructure to better service the unique needs of the market with a focus on purchasing higher volumes of all needed inputs to provide a low-cost output. In addition to affordable general purpose elastomer solutions, we also offer a range of high performance, application specific products.

The range of uses for these materials is unlimited but we have focused much of our effort on performance in the medical, consumer/sporting and industrial/military arenas. Medical needs range from soft touch handles for surgical devices to catheter soft tips or handle grips. Industrial/Military and consumer/sporting needs range from vibration dampening to shoes and boots.

Custom Engineered ReZilient TPEs are formulated using styrenic block co-polymers as the back bone. SBS, SEBS, SEPS, SEEPS, SIBS, can be further customized to meet the following requirements:
     > Chemical resistance, including most medical cleaners.
     > Static dissipative or electrically conductive.
     > Low temperature operating ranges.
     > High elasticity and abrasive resistant.
     > Hardness ranges of shore durometer 3A (exceptionally soft) to 70D (hard).
     > Biocompatible.
     > Animal Derived material free.
     > Latex and PVC free.
     > Manufactured in a controlled environment.
     > Easily processable by injection molding, tubing extrusion, film extrusion.
     > Easily Colored.
     > Grades can be Heat, UV or gamma stabilized.
     > Use in single component molding or extrusion, or overmolding to below substrates.
     > Can be crystal clear for fluid monitoring or made to be radioapaque to be seen under x-ray.
     > Can be made with excellent kink resistance or compression set and tensile set.
     > Can be sterilized by Gamma, ETO, or steam.

All the above can easily be colored depending on the application type in a huge range of options. Once these materials have been used they are 100% recyclable to continue our global effort in the reduction of single use polymers.
Rezilient elastomers are able to be customized for your exact needs!

Rezilient elastomers are able to be customized for your exact needs!