PurTone RX

Color Concentrates for the strictest medical applications
Compounding Solutions was founded with the concept to enhance existing color concentrate standards in the medical industry. We started as a specialty medical compounder and we remain as such. Highly effective dispersion of pigments and additives via our unique screw designs ensure great surface finish in thin walled tubing or micro-molded parts. Compounding Solutions mastered loss in weight feeding technology many years ago which further enhanced our compounds and concentrates consistency, pellet to pellet, lot to lot. Compounding Solutions produces all of our medical color concentrates inside our environmentally controlled white room Read More… and compliant to ISO 13485 quality system.

Universal carrier resins are commonly used in color concentrate production, such as polyethylene (PE) or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). They can work for some applications however due to stringent regulatory body guidelines, the use of universal carrier color concentrates is less than ideal to say the least. Matching the base resin of the color concentrate with the resin chosen for the project is the ideal match. Having the same base resin chemistry will ensure compatibility, great mixing into base resin, and ease of processing.

NEW PurTone Rx Color Concentrates further expands on our current PurTone Rx CSPEBAMB stock color concentrates …view colors. Compounding Solutions’ PurTone Rx color concentrates use USP Class VI and/or FDA 21 CFR part 73 subpart D components, which are exempt from batch certification for use in medical devices. Our color concentrates suggested let down ratio is 4% for all of your injection molding and tubing extrusion applications. Our color concentrates can help you with:
     > Quick prototyping – Use in conjunction with our wide range of natural or compounded materials, or take advantage of our dry blending services …view dry blending.
     > Product Identification – Enhance product or company brand with the correct color scheme.
     > Safe Identification – Colors can be used to identify sizes of device, and make visual confirmation easier in the operation room.

PurTone RX Color Concentrates are now offer in:
     > PolyAmides – PA6, PA6/6, PA11, PA12, PEBA Our Colors…
     > PolyOlefins – PP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE
     > Stryrenics – SAN, ABS
     > Polycarbonates – PC, PC/ABS
     > Thermoplastic PolyUrethanes

New Colors

* These colors have limitations in Polycarbonates due to thermal stability of 21 CFR Part 73 Subpart D pigments.
** The black formulation utilizes an FDA Food Contact compliant high purity Furnace Carbon Black. This is the preferred carbon black by the FDA. Compounding Solutions has submitted these concentrates for further testing under ISO10993-05 guidelines. Reports will soon be available for the black.

Low minimum quantities are an aspect of our business model which we are proud to offer. 1 lb, 5 lb, & 10 lbs of any given concentrate can be ordered! This provides a fantastic low cost gateway for any new R&D project. To expedite your project timeline, double check with your outside/inside sales representative on sourcing some natural resin through Compounding Solutions today. If you can engineer the device, we can engineer the formulation to make your device a reality!