PEBA RO Compounds

On Demand and Off the shelf Pebax® & Barium Sulfate compounds

Pebax® polyether block amide (PEBA) is a plasticizer-free thermoplastic elastomer that offers remarkable processing ease. The Pebax® product range extends from a hardness of 25 shore D (74 shA) to 72 shore D. This wide range of physical and mechanical properties make Pebax® MED an excellent choice for extrusion of medical grade tubing or film applications.

Barium Sulfate (BaSO4) is a mined earth mineral being the most widely used radiopacifier in the medical device industry because of its ease of processing and economically friendly pricing compared to other radiopacifiers. Its white color makes it easy to custom color and it provides better heat and UV stability than other options. However, the lower density of Barium Sulfate (4.5 g/cm3) requires a higher loading to achieve the radiopacity of other options. Typical loading percent in medical plastics is 20wt% – 40wt%.


Figure 1 – 20% BaSO4 v 30% BaSO4 v 40% BaSO4 Filler loading under Fluoroscope

In an effort to reduce lead times, Compounding Solutions now offers Pebax® SA01 Med compounds with 20wt% BaSO4 off the shelf. The Pebax® and BaSO4 used are both ISO/USP biocompatible and are of superior quality in dispersion characteristics. This means the compounds can be used for your most difficult applications requiring very thin wall sections.

 Part Number  Compound Description
PBX2520  Pebax® 2533 SA01 MED, 20wt% BaSO4 
PBX3520 Pebax® 3533 SA01 MED, 20wt% BaSO4
PBX4020 Pebax® 4033 SA01 MED, 20wt% BaSO4
PBX4520 Pebax® 4533 SA01 MED, 20wt% BaSO4
PBX5520 Pebax® 5533 SA01 MED, 20wt% BaSO4
PBX6320 Pebax® 6333 SA01 MED, 20wt% BaSO4
PBX7020 Pebax® 7033 SA01 MED, 20wt% BaSO4
PBX7220 Pebax® 7233 SA01 MED, 20wt% BaSO4
  • Standard lead times of 3 days and always in stock
  • Minimum order quantities of 10 pounds
  • Heat and UV stabilized products also available
  • MED grades have qualifying specifications with 12-months change notification
  • Attributes:
    • Sterilization feasibility (contact us for information on steam, ETO and gamma sterilizations)
    • Bondable by adhesives or RF welding
    • Excellent impact resistance and low rigidity at low temperature
    • Consistent hardness and flexibility at room and body temperatures
    • High torque transference and kink resistance


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