Compounding Solutions has added fluoropolymer compounding to our lineup of capabilities. Our fluoropolymer work is being done in a dedicated space to avoid any possible contamination issues with other products as well as intense ventilation. Our recent upgrade to ISO 13485 standards was perfect timing as we perfect processing techniques and solidify them for the future with processing criteria for a range of material types which include:


These materials are used in a huge range of applications as they meet exceptionally demanding criteria for extreme environments as well as handling capabilities for corrosive and other intense chemical resistance requirements. Those same qualities of inert reactions make for excellent biocompatibility in the medical marketplace.

A major benefit of using these materials is the lubricous qualities they can offer with very low coefficients of friction with PTFE at .1 however it suffers because it is not conventionally processed as opposed to FEP at .2 but it can be processed via conventional extrusion and molding techniques.

The materials can accept medical fillers with a range of radiopacifiers. Barium Sulfate, Bismuth Subcarbonate, Bismuth Trioxide and Tungsten can all be compounded as well as a handful of colors that are stable enough to survive the processing temperatures. Depending on needs, the options for coloring can be either pre-colored materials (ideal for medical needs to maintain formulation controls) or color concentrates are available. We will offer up our standard minimum quantities of 25lbs for small lots as well as large production volumes.

You can always count on Compounding Solutions to provide the best possible medical compounds whether it be the traditional thermoplastics you have come to know and love or our new fluoropolymer compounding capability! …Contact Us