Ultra-Radiopaque Compounds

"Boost RO is a new proprietary radiopaque filler that can be used with typical catheter materials (see below). The Boost RO technology is mineral in nature, is biocompatible, colorable, and- when…" …read more

Polyamide Color Concentrates for the Medical Industry

"With the ever changing requirements of the FDA on pigments, Compounding Solutions has up-dated its line of polyamide color concentrates for medical applications. Our color concentrates…" …read more

A Case Study of Mobilize Lubricious Compounds

"Compounding Solutions hired an independent 3rd party Medical Device Contract Manufacturer specializing in catheter manufacturing and testing to conduct a case study to review the effects of Pebax 6333 SAO1…" …read more

Lubricious Compounds for Surface Friction Management

"Compounding Solutions has taken a major step forward in the field of friction as it relates to medical device technology. We are very pleased to bring Mobilize to the industry! This unique and proprietary…" …read more

Global Leader in Custom Medical Plastics Compounding

"Compounding Solutions is the leading manufacturer of specialty medical compounds, color concentrates, and additive concentrates for use in Class I, II, & III medical…" …read more

PurTone RX Color Concentrates

"NEW PurTone Rx Color Concentrates further expand on our current PurTone Rx CSPEBAMB stock color concentrates. Compounding Solutions’ PurTone Rx color concentrates use USP……" …read more