Boost RO

Boost RO

Medically Approved Surface Friction Reduction Technology

Boost RO; Radiopaque The medical device industry is constantly evolving and along with it the materials and processes available. While many rely on older and well known materials the future rests in the hands of the bold. At Compounding Solutions we continue to forge that bold future with your success and patient safety in mind. The latest breakthrough in radiopacifier technology is here! We present for your consideration Boost RO.
Radiopaque compounds are materials that inhibit the transmission of X-rays through the material, which in turn, gives the material or- more importantly- the device contrast under the fluoroscope. This allows doctors and surgeons to navigate the device in the body to the exact area requiring therapy desired area to do repair or to deploy a secondary device such as a valve or stent. Typical radiopacifiers that are used in the industry such as barium sulfate, bismuth (includingas subcarbonate, oxychloride, and trioxide), and tungsten are wellhave long been the normknown standards for with looking to achieveing specific levels of radiopacity in medical devices.
Boost RO is a new proprietary radiopaque filler that can be used with typical catheter materials.
The Boost RO technology is mineral in nature, is biocompatible, colorable, and- when loaded at the same wt% as Barium or Bismuth- it shows up 165% and 65% (respectively) brighter under the fluoroscope

This Revolutionary Radiopacifiers Will Outshine Your Competition And Bring Major Benefits To Any Project Requiring Radiopacity:

  • Get improved radiopacity with similar mechanical properties at the same loading levels as traditional radiopaque fillers.
  • Reduce the amount of filler needed to obtain the desired radiopacity, which:
    • Reduces the risk for quality issues (nibs, bumps, etc)
    • Increases the amount of polymer in the compound to aid in material properties (Tensile, elongation, flexibility)
    • Increases ease of processing (extrusion, reflow, etc).


  • Compatible with:
    • PEBA
    • Polyamide (Nylon)
    • TPU
    • HDPE
    • TPE
  • Biocompatible (ISO 10993-05)
  • Great for thin walled applications

Our New Boost RO Technology Is The Perfect Fit For Your Next Big Project Requiring Radiopacity. Contact Us To Learn More About How Boost RO Can Benefit Your Next Project!

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