White Room

Compounding Solutions implemented the use of our White Room for all medical R&D and production materials in 2012. Our philosophy has been that starting with a clean product helps to ensure a clean final product.

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Quality / ISO

Quality Assurance and our ISO certifications

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Innovation Center

The new R&D innovation center is dedicated to Pete Goguen…

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Medical Compounding

Compounding Solution’s compounding process is done in our controlled environment production area (White room) which ensures that all our medical grade polymers and compounds will be made with the highest quality and purity in mind. It is designed to minimize exposure to airborne particulates, common contaminates, and moisture.…read more

Custom Compounding

Compounding Solutions offers superior quality custom compounding of a vast range of thermoplastic polymers in a multitude of applications that most people are unaware of them in their everyday life. Let Compounding Solutions partner with your engineers from the beginning of your application to help identify the proper resin, additive, modifier, filler, and colors necessary to formulate a custom compound for your individual needs.…read more

Color Matching and Compounding

Work with our team of color experts today to achieve the desired color for your device! Our team has a lengthy reputation for providing accurate colormatches for a wide range of medic…read more

Our History

Founded back in 1999 by Scott Neal.

Compounding Solutions was opened right here at 258 Goddard Rd with a 10,000 square foot building, 2 extrusion lines and 3 employees. Over 4 years Compounding Solutions made head way into the medical market while making an impact in the northeast injection molding market.

We're Expanding our Facilities from shipping to production...
We’re Expanding our Facilities

As part of our company’s manufacturing & testing capabilities development and expansion we’ve…

ISO Certifications
CS obtains new ISO Certification

Recently we became ISO 13485 compliant…

Offers and News
Savings Offer per pound…

Our latest news and media releases…